“Dirk” III d'OlandaAge: 58 years9811039

“Dirk” III d'Olanda
Birth between 981 and 989 31 21

Birth of a sisterAdele d'Olanda
between 975 and 990

Death of a paternal grandfather“Dirk” II d'Olanda
May 6, 988
Death of a paternal grandmotherHildegard de Flandre
April 10, 990 (Age 9 years)

Death of a fatherArnulf d'Olanda
September 18, 993 (Age 12 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherSiegfried de Luxembourg
October 28, 998 (Age 17 years)

Birth of a son
“Floris” I d'Olanda
about 1025 (Age 44 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherHedwig ??
between 993 and 1045 (Age 12 years)

Death of a motherLiutgard de Luxembourg
between 1005 and 1065 (Age 24 years)
Death May 27, 1039 (Age 58 years)

Conte, d'Olanda

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15 years
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http://fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/HOLLAND.htm DIRK, son of ARNULF Coun t of Holland & his wife Liutgard de Luxembourg ([981/89]-27 May 1039) . The ''Annales Egmundani'' name "Theodricus III filius eius [=Arnulf i comitis]" when recording that he succeeded his father [1]. The ''Chr onologia Johannes de Beke'' names (in order) "Theodricum succedentem c omitem… et Sifridum sive Sicconem presidem" as the children of Coun t Dirk III & his wife [2]. He succeeded his father in 993 as DIRK II I Count of Holland. "Theodericus comes cum matre sua Lietgarda" donate d "alodum suum situm secus fluvium Scaldum in pago Gandensi seu Tornac ensi in vulla Rucga" to Saint-Pierre de Gand, for the soul of "patri s sui Arnulfi", by charter dated 20 Sep 995 [3]. Count Dirk III ha d a stronghold in Vlaardingen, usurped property belonging to the bisho p of Utrecht in the Vlaardingen area, and introduced a toll on ships p assing along the river Merwede to Tiel without the consent of the empe ror or the bishop [4]. Thietmar records that "Dietrich the empress's n ephew" attacked Adalbold Bishop of Utrecht in 1018, before his force s were attacked by the Frisians and suffered numerous casualties [5] . "Thiederici Fresoniæ" witnessed a donation of property dated "Id Se p 1024" by "Hildigunda abbatissa de Gesike" and one dated "18 Kal Oc t [1029]" by "Brun comes cum uxore sua Ida" [6]. ''Beke's Egmondsch Ne crologium'' records the death "1039 VI Kal Iun" of "tercius Theodericu s Hollandie… comes" [7]. [1] ''Annales Egmundani'' 993, MGH SS XVI , p. 444. [2] ''Chronologia Johannes de Beke'' 37, p. 71. [3] ''Libe r traditionum sancti Petri Blandiniensis'', 102, p. 97. [4] Nieuwenhu ijsen, K. C. ''The Battle of Vlaardingen 1018'', consulted at <http:// www.keesn.nl/vlaard/> (10 Oct 2006). [5] Thietmar 8.27, p. 380. [6 ] ''Vita Meinwerci Episcopi Paderbornensis'' 197 and 202, MGH SS XI, p p. 152-3. [7] ''Beka's Egmondsch Necrologium'', in Oppermann, O. (193 3) ''Fontes Egmundenses'' (Utrecht), p. 107.