Liubava di NovgorodAge: 88 years10801168

Liubava di Novgorod
Birth between 1080 and 1115 80

MarriageMstislav “I ”il Grande“” RurikidsView this family
1122 (Age 42 years)
Birth of a daughter
Eufrosina Rurikids
about 1130 (Age 50 years)

Death of a husbandMstislav “I ”il Grande“” Rurikids
April 14, 1132 (Age 52 years)
Marriage of a child“Géza” II ÁrpádEufrosina RurikidsView this family
about 1146 (Age 66 years)

Death of a daughterEufrosina Rurikids
between 1150 and 1186 (Age 70 years)

Death of a fatherDmitry Zavidich di Novgorod
between 1080 and 1190

Death between 1168 and 1210 (Age 88 years)

Family with parents - View this family
Family with Mstislav “I ”il Grande“” Rurikids - View this family
Marriage: 1122Kiev
9 years
Mstislav “I ”il Grande“” Rurikids + Cristina di Svezia - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: 1095

Note,%20Rurik.htm [LIUBAVA] Dmitrie vna, daughter of DMITRY Zavidich boyar [Passadnik] of Novgorod & his w ife --- (-after 1168). The marriage of Mstislav to "Dmitrevna daughte r of Zavidich of Novgorod" is referred to in the Novgorod Chronicle [N ovgorod Chronicle 1122, p. 10].