Richard EngaineAge: 90 years9951085

Richard Engaine
Birth between 995 and 1060

Birth of a son
“Vitalis” I Engaine
between 1040 and 1080 (Age 45 years)

Death between 1085 and 1155 (Age 90 years)

Note RICHA RD [I] Engaine (-after 1085). Domesday Book records “Richard Engaine ” holding land in Lillingstone Lovell in Oxfordshire [Buckinghamshir e] [1]. Domesday Book records “jurors in Huntingdon” who "say tha t 36 hides of land in Brampton which Richard Engaine claims belong t o the forest were [part] of the king’s demesne farm" [2]. [1] Domes day Translation, Oxfordshire, LVIII, p. 441. [2] Domesday Translation , Huntingdonshire, XXVI, p. 560.