Simon de KymeAge: 55 years10101065

Simon de Kyme
Birth between 1010 and 1045 20

Birth of a son
William de Kyme
about 1064 (Age 54 years)
Death of a fatherWilliam de Kyme
between 1086 and 1120 (Age 76 years)

Death between 1065 and 1140 (Age 55 years)

Note SIMO N de Kyme. The Lindsey Survey, dated to [1115/18], records "Simon fit z William fitz Anschitel" holding land in Hackthorn [Waters, R. E. C . (1882) ''A Roll of the Owners of Land in Parts of Lindsey in Lincoln shire in the reign of Henry I'' (reprinted from the Associated Archite ctural Societies’ Reports and Papers, 1882, Vol. XVI, Part ii), p. 1 9. Horace Round is highly critical of Waters’s edition (Round, J. H . (1909) Feudal England (London), The Lindsey Survey (1115-1118), p. 1 82-3), but there appears no reason to doubt the accuracy of the name s of the persons which are recorded.]. m ---. The name of Simon’s wi fe is not known.