Sibylla de EwiasAge: 77 years11401217

Sibylla de Ewias
Birth between 1140 and 1195 35 30

Death of a paternal grandfather“Robert” I de Ewias
between 1147 and 1210 (Age 7 years)

Birth of a son
“Robert” II de Tresgoz
between 1155 and 1214 (Age 15 years)

Death of a paternal grandmotherSibylla ??
between 1105 and 1230

Death of a father“Robert” II de Ewias
1198 (Age 58 years)

Marriage of a child“Robert” II de TresgozJuliane de CaunteloView this family
between 1205 and 1245 (Age 65 years)

Death of a husbandRobert de Tresgoz
between 1213 and 1214 (Age 73 years)

Death of a motherPetronilla ??
between 1204 and 1275 (Age 64 years)

Death between 1217 and 1236 (Age 77 years)

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Note SIBYL LA de Ewias (-before 1 Jul 1236). “Robert of Ewias” donated tithe s to Ewias Priory by undated charter witnessed by “Petronilla my wif e, Sibilla my daughter, William and Herbert my brothers” [1]. "Rober tus de Ewyas filius Roberti de Ewyas" confirmed the donations of "eccl esiam Sancti Michaelis et Sancti Jacobi de Ewyas…" to Gloucester S t Peter, for the souls of himself and "uxoris meæ Petronillæ et fili æ meæ Sibillæ", by charter dated 23 Feb 1196 [2]. Henry III King o f England confirmed "terre de Helvinton, que est de feodo ipsius Sibil le" to "Rogero de Clifford et Sibille de Euias uxori eius" dated [earl y] 1217 [3]. “Rogerus de Clifford” requested burial at Dore abbey , Herefordshire, with the consent of "Sibillæ uxoris meæ", next to " filium suum", by undated charter, witnessed by "Ricardo de Clifford, W illielmo de Ewyas seniore, Willielmo de Ewyas juniore, filio Sibillæ " [4]. "Domina Sibilla de Ewyas filia Roberti de Ewyas" donated her mi ll at Ethon to Acornbury priory, Herefordshire by undated charter, wit nessed by “domino Waltero de Lacy, domino Rogero de Clifford, Willie lmo de Ewias… Roberto Tregoz et fratribus suis" [5]. m firstly ROBER T [I] de Tresgoz, son of --- (-[1213/14]). m secondly (early 1217) ROG ER [I] Clifford of Tenbury, son of WALTER [II] de Clifford & his wif e Agnes de Cundy (-[Dec 1231]). [1] Bannister (1902), 10, p. 49. [2 ] Gloucester St Peter, Vol. I, CCLX, p. 287. [3] Patent Rolls Henry I II 1215-1225 (1901), p. 32. [4] Dugdale Monasticon V, Dore Abbey, Her efordshire, IX, p. 555. [5] Dugdale Monasticon VI, Acornbury Priory , Herefordshire, VII, p. 491.